Android 2.2 Starting with Nexus One

Android 2.2 has finally officially launched by Google. Nexus smartphone owners will be the first who can use the latest version of Android.

Android 2.2 or also known by the name Froyo (frozen yogurt) Google has claimed five times faster performance than previous versions. In Google’s blog Nexus One, explained that the user’s Nexus One receives a notification message to download and install Froyo. After that, Froyo also ready to maneuver in the handset.

The latest version of Android will be rotated periodically to each handset Nexus One and most users will receive notification no later than the end of this week. Google Android phones will soon be able to download Froyo. While Android phone Google manufacturers competitor such as Dell and Sony Ericsson has to wait first. Among the phones are only mentioned that HTC and Motorola is scheduled Droid X can download it began in August.

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