What to do if your website is being DDoS’ed

What to do if your website is being DDoS’ed

If your website is being DDoS’ed, it’s either inactive or loading extremely slowly. As you already know, the number of attacks in the world and their complexity is constantly growing. The development of DDoS attacks is caused by growing number of Internet users globally, the rise of electronic commerce and the fact that more and more online stores are launching. The competition between them becomes hot and usually DDoS attack on a competitor is the attempt to drive more visitors to attacker’s website. Another factor why this kind of attacks are trendy is the cheap price for an attack driven by huge supply. You can monitor what happens to your website using the software called Munin. This program analyzes the online resource distribution, so you will easily see what is killing the website performance.

So, how to avoid your website from being DDoS’ed? The very first thing needs to be done is choosing the reliable hosting provider for your website. Most webmasters are stick to well-known hosting companies like GoDaddy and HostGator. Big companies have enough resource to monitor their website network which helps to take a quick action in case of DDoS attack. Some of today’s hosting services are already offering DDoS protected hosting. They provide the number of techniques to filter and block “spam” traffic. They use high bandwidth dedicated servers that are able to hold the enormous traffic amount. In other words, the basic level attacks will be likely invisible.

If your website is already under an attack, the easiest and fastest way around the problem is looking for a DDoS mitigation service as quick as possible. They are offering the number of methods to discover and stop the attack. There are plenty of working services on the market that are able to resist any type of web attacks. The quality of their service has not to stand still because the abusers are doing their best to organize harder and harder attacks. After you contact the service, they analyze your website performance in a timely manner and offer one of security packages available. Most services will likely allow you 24 hours free protection, so you will have enough time to see if it really works. In other case, you can go to their competitors. There are leading services on the market that are quite expensive and a number of relatively young companies that provide better value for money. The protection package price may depend on the attack type and capacity.

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