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Easy Way to Find People

This time is the era that information can be found easily. There is so much information that available in the internet. Even now we can found the information about someone. Now we can know the information about somebody just by internet. Because in the internet there are so much information, and to found it we just can do this by searching via search engine or using the other service that available it the internet. We do not need to waste our time to found the information that we need. Now there are so many services that can help us to found the information easily.

Now with the technology, we can found the information about people. Now there is people finder that can help us to find someone that we know. With this service we can search people and manage our reputation in the social media space. We can introduce our self and get some friend and make a large connection with a lot of people. It will be so fun to find a lot of people and make connection with them. And with this way, our reputation in the social media space will be greater. We know everybody wants to have a good social life, because human is a social creature. With the large connection there will be a lot of profit for us. Besides we will not feel alone, we also can use it as another business.

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Firefox managed to subvert the dominance of Internet Explorer (IE) in Europe

Firefox managed to subvert the dominance of Internet Explorer (IE) in Europe. Mozilla’s browser has replaced the IE as a web browser of the most widely used there.

In December, Firefox successfully occupy the portion of 38.1 percent in the browser market share on the continent of blue, slightly exceeding the market share of IE which decreased to 37.5 percent.

In a note to analysts, as reported by the Telegraph and quoted on Wednesday (01/05/2011), this is the first time Microsoft was eliminated from the top.

Exciting news also came from Chrome. Google’s browser market share in Europe rose sharply from the previous 5.1 percent to 14.6 percent now.

This is the first time IE undefeated in the main area of it’s control. Looks like IE lost market share due to the rapid growth of Chrome. Chrome steal market IE, while Firefox growth is actually not changed much from before.

Cullen added that this situation is also part of the impact of the European Commission’s agreement with Microsoft is asking the software giant in Europe allows consumers to choose who you want to use.

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Flashback Computer Virus Threats in 2010

Throughout 2010 and there are many annoying virus. Starting from Stuxnet, fake anti-virus, malware masked until porn videos circulating on Facebook.

Based on information received, here are some horrendous virus that successfully summarized by Vaksincom.


Stuxnet indeed quite shocking in 2010. Thanks to the expertise that can disrupt the SCADA program, the virus has reportedly had wanted to blow up nuclear facilities in Iran. But not only that, Stuxnet also capable of attacking computers that do not use the SCADA system.

As in Indonesia who are victims of the second largest in the world after Iran. Stuxnet to spread through the flash and cause some damage are like, the hard drive is always full, turn off Print Sharing, disconnect the network, the computer becomes slow and cause some applications not running.

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Finland and Its Technology Life

Technology, it is the most important things in our life. As we can see, today almost all of people activities are supported by the technology. Technology nowadays becomes our most important necessity which it forms our environment properly. Without technology, our daily life can’t be run well.

Now, I would like to relate on how general technology will affect much in business life. I took an example in Finland hakukoneoptimointi Life. This country which has a capital city in Helsinki is a latecomer in industrialization. This is because this country becomes an agrarian country until the 1950s. After that, they are trying to develop their countries to be better than better. In early 1960s they are trying to improve their economic development rapidly through some economic program which can make them become the 2nd most stable country in the world which has stable GDP rate in the world. Because this kind of development, they are always support the technology improvement in this country as their main business platform.

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Online sharing websites

Online sharing website is for anyone who is interested in sharing files, photos and calendars. These websites enable to send all without any cost. This is the best way to share files with a large number of people at a same time as all the team members get a notification whenever a new file is uploaded. The biggest advantage of online sharing website is that a person can access it with the mobile if he/she has an internet connection in it.

This online sharing website also provides the free service monthly calendar printable. In order to get a calendar on monthly basis a person has to create an account on these websites and then he/she will be able to get a number of free monthly calendar printable. A person can also get a blank monthly calendar and can then create it according to their choice with the help of free calendar software.

One of the most popular use of online sharing website is for the purpose of photo sharing. This photo sharing website is for everyone who wants to share photos with a large number of people though it be for personal use or for business use. Thus, it is the best way to share moments all together by sharing photos with one another no matter where the person is with whom you want to share your photo.

Borders launch e-book store dan e-reader application

Borders book publishers, the second largest publisher in the U.S. after Barnes and Noble, eventually enter into business buying and selling e-book. Borders opens online store e-books and e-book reader (e-reader). This allows the users to purchase books directly from and download e-book of their choice and read from handset.

All the books contained in the e-book is already available in ePub and PDF formats. E-book that has been downloaded from an e-book store Borders, each with an average price of 9.99 US dollars. It reaches 1.5 million titles. Borders stores e-book covers everything from best-selling books to classic books.

E-book can be read in one application or device such as the Border eReader Kobo. For example the e-reader applications for the Blackberry and Android gadget. Application of the new e-reader for the Blackberry and Android gadget looks like applications available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and for Mac or PC.

This application provides instant access to a catalog of books available at Borders ebook store that allows you to buy books and download them directly, can also access your e-book library from any device and of course save the e-book that you have downloaded so they can read while you’re offline.

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FBI investigate of 3G iPad network hacking

AT & T network hack by irresponsible parties who caused the leakage of iPad user’s email. Because of the leak, including White House officials, the FBI is reportedly investigating the incident.

Investigators from the FBI begin to see more information on the incident. Investigations carried out because it is feared the incident is a forerunner of a broader cyber threats.

Piercing done by the parties named Goatse Security in 3G network owned by AT & T specifically provided for users of Apple’s 3G iPad. Breaker party managed to get admitted more than 114 000 email addresses, including White House officials belonging Rahm Emmanuel, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others.

Security risks that concern is, that email address will be used by iPad breaker to trick users with fake emails that seemed to come from AT & T or Apple. This can be done because the email that’s for sure is iPad users who use AT & T network

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Google and Apple are involved in the ‘war’ of the internet browser

For the first time, Chrome managed to shift the position of Apple Safari in the United States (U.S.). Data released by research firm StatCounter shows, although only two years old, a browser from Google is starting to show off.

This is a good acquisition for Google because the browser is spelled out is still new but already can get a share of approximately 10 percent in the U.S. in just two years.

In the report StatCounter, Chrome percentage in the U.S. browser market share amounted to 8.97 percent, slightly exceeding the Safari which are below with the acquisition of 8.88 percent.

In addition to Chrome and Safari, the number two position is still entrenched Firefox with percentage 28.48 percent. At the top, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still dominate more than half of the U.S. browser market share, which amounted to 52 percent.

When viewed globally, Chrome still not getting the top three but with a slightly larger percentage, ie 9.44 percent.

Since the emergence of Chrome, Google and Apple are involved in the ‘war’ in the realm of the internet browser. Competition between them is also happening in the mobile arena, where Google Android and Apple’s iPhone sponsor.