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Canon IXUS 300HS: Take good picture without Blitz

Here’s a camera that awaited those who wanted to take pictures in dimly lit conditions without a flash but the result is sharp. Yes, 300HS Canon IXUS compact camera can do. Images looked sharp and bright in low light conditions without flash, although targeted.

The secret is the system of HS (high sensitivity system), high sensitivity CMOS sensor 10 megapixels and Canon’s DIGIC 4 processor.

Camera lens aperture diaphragm is large, reaching f/2.0. With the proficiency level in these lenses, you can get sharp images with a shallow space and subtle background. Dramatic effect can also be presented in portrait photographs. That the results did not flee, speed cameras can be improved. Other sophistication, this compact camera capable of high-speed video recording up to 240fps. The result can be played back in slow motion (Super Slow Motion) at 30fps.

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