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9 Myths About Duplicate Content

In SEO content is the king, but what if we’re not good at writing and do copy and paste into our blog. Or someone else copying the whole content of your blog. This is called duplicate content or content that is the same content on multiple websites or blogs.

As we all know google is always trying to deliver relevant search results and complete. For those duplicate content there is useless. So that they provide value reduction or pinalty for blogs that have duplicate content.

But duplicate content is often confusing for the blogger or website owner. Moreover, many myths circulating about this.

To respond to the truth of these myths, we provide answers or feedback about some of the myths that circulate duplicate content problem. The answer of this myth is the result of some experience, which is as follows:

1. Reduction in value of the duplicate content could not exist at all: According TrafficLegacy, reduction of this value exists and even mentions google.
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