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Borders launch e-book store dan e-reader application

Borders book publishers, the second largest publisher in the U.S. after Barnes and Noble, eventually enter into business buying and selling e-book. Borders opens online store e-books and e-book reader (e-reader). This allows the users to purchase books directly from and download e-book of their choice and read from handset.

All the books contained in the e-book is already available in ePub and PDF formats. E-book that has been downloaded from an e-book store Borders, each with an average price of 9.99 US dollars. It reaches 1.5 million titles. Borders stores e-book covers everything from best-selling books to classic books.

E-book can be read in one application or device such as the Border eReader Kobo. For example the e-reader applications for the Blackberry and Android gadget. Application of the new e-reader for the Blackberry and Android gadget looks like applications available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and for Mac or PC.

This application provides instant access to a catalog of books available at Borders ebook store that allows you to buy books and download them directly, can also access your e-book library from any device and of course save the e-book that you have downloaded so they can read while you’re offline.

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