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FBI investigate of 3G iPad network hacking

AT & T network hack by irresponsible parties who caused the leakage of iPad user’s email. Because of the leak, including White House officials, the FBI is reportedly investigating the incident.

Investigators from the FBI begin to see more information on the incident. Investigations carried out because it is feared the incident is a forerunner of a broader cyber threats.

Piercing done by the parties named Goatse Security in 3G network owned by AT & T specifically provided for users of Apple’s 3G iPad. Breaker party managed to get admitted more than 114 000 email addresses, including White House officials belonging Rahm Emmanuel, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others.

Security risks that concern is, that email address will be used by iPad breaker to trick users with fake emails that seemed to come from AT & T or Apple. This can be done because the email that’s for sure is iPad users who use AT & T network

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