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Latest cheap iPhone

Rumors are circulating about the iPhone being prepared mini Apple continues to grow. The latest gossip reported by the New York Times said the new iPhone will indeed be sold at cheap price, but not smaller in size as it is mentioned so far.

Previously, it is rumored that claims a reliable source that is connected closely with Steve Jobs said that the company will be releasing the iPhone mini with prices in the range of USD 200.

The team is currently the focus of Apple’s iPhone resolve the latest version that will be approximately the same size as the iPhone 4. In the meantime, analysts expect the new iPhone will be ready to be released in the summer of this year,” the report quoted by the New York Times.

The report also mentioned, other resource persons who have a direct relationship with Apple stating a company based in San Francisco, United States it currently has no plans to make the iPhone mini due to the cost of developing smaller-sized devices are very expensive.

The device with smaller size will cost expensive. In addition, the mini iPhone will be difficult to operate.