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What are the benefits of music service

What are the benefits of music service is more than a music service in the common sense. The main feature of the service is building music charts based on what users are listening to. is provided for free, however you can become a subscriber and get even more features like unlimited audio streaming. At streaming is called radio.

Every user gets a free trial – the ability to listen 30 songs based on user’s music sympathies. After your 30 songs are over, there is an option to pay for the service. This will switch off any kind of advertisements on website and you can listen to Radio instead of playing MP3′s from PC or iPod.

The process of listening to music and sending the data to a website is called scrobbling. The user can use almost any operating system, audio player and portable player that support synchronization. For example you can scrobble from Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp on Windows computer. An iTunes applications will work for you on Mac and there’s a huge number of players with support on Ubuntu. We can name Amarok and Rhythmbox among the best ones. Sometimes you can download free MP3′s from when the singer or a band gets promotion. MP3′s come in low quality (128 kbps) but it’s still OK as for the first time.

The coolest feature of the service is music sharing as is the social website. Here you can make friends, send messages, join groups and talk on the forums. Another feature of is the ability to see, add and modify the concert dates for your favorite singer or band. The website gives you a calendar and you can share the gigs you’re planning to attend with your friends. Free promotional MP3′s is perfect but how can you download music from website. Buying a subscription plan, it looks you can use the streaming audio recorder to download.

The most popular recorder for online music and videos is called RipTiger. This software was primarily developed to download video from YouTube, Hulu and other video sharing websites. However the program is worth trying for streaming audio as it grabs any media streams from the website automatically. RipTiger is a part of SoundTaxi Media Suite, a software package that includes SoundTaxi M4V converter, RadioGet, TuneGet music downloader, 1StepDVDCopy – a program to clone DVD’s and MP4 to MP3 converter called Media Buddy. RipTiger is available for download from its official website and from SoundTaxi page.