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Nokia 5228

Expanding their market offerings of bargain smartphones with what has been touted as the possible “bargain smartphone of the year”, Nokia has recently unveiled a new member of the 5 series of Symbian-based phones known as the Nokia 5228. Heavily based on the 5230 (in fact, it is nearly identical with the exception of 3G and GPS support), the 5228 is a mid-range smartphone designed with a balance of affordability and functionality in mind. Packed with some fairly high quality features for its price range, the 5228 is outfitted with a touch screen specifically optimised for messaging and viewing media, though it also is quite useful for social networking. Currently available in Germany, the 5228 is offered in a number of accent colours coupled with either a black or white faceplate; red, pink, blue, yellow, silver, or dark silver coloured back plates lend a bold contrast and modern appearance to the 5228′s styling. You can find a ton of cheap mobile deals online if you compare them in terms of price.

Like its 5-series cousins, the 5228 runs on the Symbian OS platform (currently running version 9.4) and offers touch-based functionality with the 5th Edition Series 60 touch UI. To help make navigation and general interaction convenient for users, the 5228 features a bright 3.2” 640 x 360 nHD resistive touch screen with tactile feedback to help increase accuracy along with a soft key QWERTY keyboard and handwriting recognition. There are many Nokia 5228 contracts available and you can find the best by comparing them. With multiple input options, users can make use of the method that is most convenient to them to allow for quick and easy message composition, note-taking, etc. With this functionality, users can make the best of instant messaging, text messaging, MMS multimedia messaging and multiple email account support offered on the 5228 through the Ovi Suite and Mail for Exchange.

As far as entertainment goes, the 5228 is equipped with a 2.0 megapixel camera capable of capturing images with a 3x digital zoom, or nHD video with 4x digital zoom. Additionally, a simple built-in video editor allows users to touch up their videos or add some basic effects. Integrated Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace support makes it easy to share your pictures or video with friends and family directly from your mobile device.