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How do I create a paypal donation button?

For those of you who have a verified paypal account, then you can use the donations to support your site or blog. Currently it is not difficult to get a paypal account that has verified. Verified paypal account will facilitate your online business. Because we can accept online payments from credit cards as well as between paypal.

There are interesting sites that provide very detailed explanations on how to verify your paypal account. No need to use a broker. I have experience using a broker, but no responsibility. So I flew hundreds of thousands of money was worth it.

I am fortunate to know IndonesiaPal, so I can verify my own paypal account by following the steps in IndonesiaPal. Currently my paypal account already filled dollars from some programs Monetize blog.

How to get Paypal Donate button

After having verified paypal account, then you can get a Donate button for your site. Maybe you feel your site or blog useful for internet users, so you want to get some help to your site or blog to exist. Moreover, we know the cost of a good domain and hosting is not cheap. So I think it’s worth asking for donations from your visitors.

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