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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) technique

Search Marketing, or more often used for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is an effort to promote your website on search engines. This is related to website or online visibility, which is a measurement used to determine how easy your website found on the Internet.

Without visitors then your website is useless. Imagine you have an exciting product with low price or you have an interesting article which is just as good or even better than the other website. But if Internet users do not know how to find your website then all the above is useless.

In the world of the keyword search engine is the key to your success. Internet users use a keyword to search for information on the internet. Example when you want to buy a laptop then you will try to use the keyword ‘selling laptop’ or ‘computer store’. Normally you will visit a site that is in the first and second pages of search results pages. And it is unlikely you will visit the following pages.

So the position of determining how many visitors your site. The more your site appears in the top positions in several search engines for keywords, the more visitors who will visit your site.

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