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Stable position of the website on search engine

How to make our websites has stable position on search engines. Because not a few of the web that when the web has already in the coveted position, but it is only temporary and the next thing I know is bounced to a page that is very far away.

Are you also often experience this?
That means there are somethings that might be missed by you. Some things you should consider include the age of the website. The new website is usually vulnerable old frozen corn, but this is usually only temporary. This is usually done intentionally Google to test your website.

In addition, off page SEO techniques that you do must be done as natural as possible. Like for example when you plant a backlink, plant slowly. In that sense do not make a lot of backlinks in all at once in a while, let alone your web new-born, of course, see this Google would make it suspicious that cause your web in the penalty at a position far from the previous.

A new Web-old corn already has backlinks tens or even hundreds, let alone the Google robot not to visit your website. So it is definitely suspicious and reward their penalty is the punishment.

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