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5 Steps to activate Video-Call Skype on N900

The latest firmware PR 1.2 Nokia N900 has lauched a few moments ago. One function of this firmware is to enable a video call on Skype.

As a result users can not only enjoy regular VoIP call service. Features video call can be made between devices Nokia N900 or N900 with a PC. Faithful Skype users of course mandatory to try.

Mode operation is quite easy. Users simply touch the camera button on the screen to activate the front camera N900, and complete.

Unfortunately the front camera not too light-sensitive N900. So the user must find enough light so that the face can be seen. The light bright fluorescent office lights is not enough to make clear front camera N900.

Here are five easy steps to activate it:

* Enable Skype account on the N900. Go to Settings> VoIP and IM Accounts. Select the ‘New’ and ‘Skype’.
* The Skype account is ready, select Availability mode ‘online’.
* Go to the contact, and select one of our friends Skypenya account active. Make sure that the friends we enable Skype users the latest version of Skype.
* Choose a Skype video-call.
* If we interact with users through N900 video call the other, he would be able to see us. We also can turn off the camera that appears to hide our faces.