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Increase website traffic and visitors

As the owner of a blog or website then you need to think about bringing visitors to your site. This is often called the website traffic. More and more visitors coming to your site also means higher traffic.

From the side it means the rising popularity and in terms of business is a huge market and potential for marketing our products. Because without the Counter or traffic of your website means nothing.  It doesn’t matter how good the design and content of your website, if you are not able to bring more visitors to your site, it is useless.

There are three types traffic to the website, such as:

1. Paid Ads
You can buy traffic using a service such as Pay Per Click or PPC. The most popular PPC services are Google Adwords and Yahoo Network Sponsored Search. Using PPC services you can determine the value of clicks an ad each time along with other parameters such as geographic area, keyword, or specific sites.

2. Borrow Traffic
This type is only suitable if you have a particular niche. You can exchange links with other sites that one niche with your site. Another way is to use affiliate marketing services, which require online marketers to market your products to list their mailing list. The key here is that you must give to get a reciprocal link, may be in the form of promotional expenses and others.

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