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The Development of 4G Wimax Internet Service in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, particularly developing countries like Indonesia, it is a good market to develop business-based organization of 4G wireless Internet service that offers high-speed Wimax.

Not only targeted by European countries, other Asian countries are competing against to each other. Telecommunications corporation from South Korea, SK Telecom, begin to take concrete steps to win the WIMAX market in Asia.

The operator has just invest U.S. $ 100 million to Packet One Networks (P1), one of the Wimax service network providers in Malaysia. With this investment, the SK Telecom has 25.8% of the shares entitled to P1.

SK Telecom, which controls of the cellular mobile market in South Korea, hope to exploit their investment in P1 as the first step to win the Wimax and wireless broadband markets in Southeast Asia and other developing countries.

The two companies will also share technological knowledge and technical expertise includes network client portfolio. This alliance provides an opportunity for SK Telecom to develop into a telecommunications company, has the most advanced technology and innovative marketing. Investments made also provide the opportunity to participate in every opportunity WiMAX and other wireless broadband throughout Southeast Asia and emerging markets.

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